Long Tail Search engine optimization is often the most effective method to generate massive numbers of visitors to a website.

So what is long tail SEO, basically its optimizing for massive numbers of the less popular keywords, the volume in this market is often many times as many as the single hard to obtain keywords at the top of the pile. It seems odd and possibly complicated… its not! Targeting much easier to obtain keywords on a mass scale means there is a good chance your going to catch a few right on the nose and get straight in at that number one or number two slot, giving you high returns.

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Search Engines

For boosting your site’s rankings on search engines, it is important to have a basic understanding of how search engines work, which ensures triple your traffic in quick time.

Search engines do not perform live or real‐time searches of the web. Instead, they search through their own database which contains ‘snapshots’ of millions, even billions of web pages like https://www.studentcity.com/. An engine attempts to copy and arrange all the in‐formation on the web into its database, and when you enter a search query, it searches through the database and returns results based on an algorithm, with each result pointing to the URL of the webpage.

This search process occurs in three stages: crawling, indexing and retrieving.

1) Crawling: The engine’s robotic crawlers, also known as spiders, go over each available web page and make a partial or full copy (also known as caching) of it. Spiders travel from page to page via the links on a page.

2) Indexing: The engine removes or devalues duplicate pages, removes ‘spam’ pages, and then catalogs and indexes each page according to the content of the page, which includes both text and markup (code).

3) Retrieving: Once a page is indexed, it is available for retrieval in search re‐sults. A retrieval algorithm determines the results and their order; each en‐gine has its own algorithm, which is why results vary from engine to engine.

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Search engine Marketing is the future and websites needing traffic should invest in producing an excellent optimized website without optimization where will your site appear?

Try searching for related keywords to see if you can find your own website.

Try looking for ‘regional’ terms relating to your site to see if you show up. Search engine optimization is not as easy as you think and requires lots of time and patience on by the optimization team to investigate the niche to locate targeting websites that probably dont know about your site, but there visitors may be interested. As a result they need to be contact to see if they are interested in linking. This is obviously a slow time taking problem. The best advice is to make websites for people not for search engines then content related sites will link to you naturally.