Fire Damage

Going through the horrific experience of a fire is something that nobody wants to deal with – it can be incredibly difficult to deal with during and after the event and the consequences can be devastating. However, dealing with the aftermath is something that has to be done and with our help you can make it that little bit easier. BUSINESS is a trained and professional fire & smoke damage team who can start to take back the damage caused by the fire.

Handling The Aftermath

The team that we employ will bring an armada of professional equipment to make sure we get through the job and leave your home spotless afterwards. We’ll get rid of everything that is too damaged by the fire, and will completely clean up the walls, floors and surfaces throughout your home. The damage that is done by the fire might be extreme, but we’ll minimize the risks of anything else happening by the time that we are finished.

Ready to Assist

We’ll make a timely entrance to your property and get to work right away, as the first 24 hours for any property are absolutely vital to making sure that it can be restored properly. The excesses that come from the soot and ash can be equally damaging later on down the line, so we use a wealth of different tools to make sure that nothing potentially dangerous can be left behind.

Fully Certified Fire & Smoke Damage Experts

All of our technicians are fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, so you can trust us to get the job done to the professional standards that are expected and required on the job. By getting everything that is left back to a usable level again, we can help you start to work the clock back and get everything back to the way that it was prior to the incident – the event itself can be terrifying and leave you with very little hope or expectation of being able to get things back to normal, but we’ll make sure that this happens.

Our extensive knowledge of dealing with fire and smoke damage means that you can rely upon to give you relief starting today. we also have a 24/7 response team that can be there as soon as possible to start work right away, making sure that the most serious damage has been covered for.